Boutique Spotlight: Ooh La Loft

Today's spotlight is about a {pretty awesome} little boutique called Ooh La Loft. I had the pleasure of working with the two owners {twins Michelle and Cristina} last month for a merchandise shoot. I absolutely loved everything in their store and loved how they had decorated. And being a small business owner myself, I like to support other small businesses...especially cute ones. And so! This post featuring items that can be purchased from their shop! :)

This dress. *SIGH* This dress! Yes, I love it. And how amazing does Rowyn look in it? Not only is the print on trend, but it has such fun and unique detailing on the front.

And can we talk about this back?!? It's sexy and sophisticated without being sleazy {because we wouldn't want that would we?}. 

Now let's talk about sweaters. No matter who you are, where you live, where you came from...I honestly think everyone wears sweaters for fall. It's that time of year when you don't always need a full on coat or jacket, but a sweater is just right! 

Ooh La Loft has so many unique and on trend sweaters right now. How do I know? I just bought one a couple days ago. :) Yep...I love it.  

Amara is wearing a sweater that can be purchased there...and it's one of my favorites that they carry. One of the things I love about it is that is has gray, black and brown tones in you can really wear it with anything! And another favorite thing? It's super comfortable. I think I've gotten a little bit old lady-like {in my ripe old age of 28} and I love anything that feels like I'm wearing a robe or pajamas. {Just being honest people}

So! In case you didn't know...they have stores in Downtown Petaluma and the Santa Rosa Plaza (across from GAP). Go check them out if you haven't already and find yourself a staple item for your fall wardrobe!  


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