Super Easy {Chunky} Pumpkin Spice Coffee Fudge

So, let me begin by saying that me in the kitchen is not always pretty or productive. There are a few things that I am awesome at. For example, I have mastered the egg. I can make spectacular omelettes, quiches, fried eggs, veggie scrambles...I've got it down. Aside from breakfast foods and simple stuff like sandwiches, pasta, rice...I always have this strange need to NOT follow the recipe. I don't know what it is...I think it's my artsy side feeling like the more creative I am the better things will turn out. has not always proven this theory true.
Luckily, my husband doesn't think I'm a bad cook! :) thank heaven! But, it's kind of difficult living in the shadow of an older brother who is like self-taught master chef. Seriously, he's won major cooking competitions! But at least I try! (Most days!)

So...all of that said, you'll have to forgive my lack of actual skills in the kitchen.

Randomly though today I decided that while my 2 year old was napping I would make something yummy for Fall with my daughter. She loves helping in the kitchen and we just don't do it often enough.
So, first important thing: it had to be easy and not dirty a lot of dishes. (Have I mentioned I hate doing dishes?!?)
Second important thing: we had to have all the ingredients in the house.

After about a minute of searching on Pinterest I found a recipe! Coffee fudge. All we had for instant coffee was the Starbucks via pumpkin spice. So I thought that would make it even tastier than regular coffee.

Let's get to this.
Here's everything you need:

1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 pack Starbucks via pumpkin spice
Tiny chocolate chips (I just dumped a bunch in)
1/4 cup Water
(I also threw in a tbs of coconut oil just for kicks)



First you pour the can of condensed milk in a sauce pan on medium heat. 

Second, get that coffee dissolved in about 1/4 cup of hot water.
Dump the coffee mix into your pan and keep stirring. Then turn the heat down and add chocolate chips.
Here is where I started to stray. I decided to use a package of Hershey kisses instead of the tiny little ones that are made for melting. So, because of that I learned that NOT ALL CHOCOLATE IS CREATED EQUAL! *sad face* The chocolate was NOT melting! My super smooth fudge was looking weird and chunky. I ended up fishing out the huge chunks and adding in more of the little ones.

Time wasted: 15 minutes while I kept hoping it would melt. :(

 Doesn't that look so cool? :)

Doesn't that look so cool? :)

 Using Hershey Kisses = BAD IDEA!

Using Hershey Kisses = BAD IDEA!

 Too chunky...

Too chunky...


So, it was still a little chunky but we finished up our fudge and poured it into an oiled 8x8 pan and stuck it in the fridge.

We put ours on top of our big box of spinach. Kind of ironic.



Wait about an hour then it's ready to cut into little squares! This stuff is rich, so don't make your squares too big. :) And use a plastic knife! It makes them look much nicer.

And there you have it! Super simple and delish fudge. Really inexpensive too! :)

Ps: all photos were taken on my phone...not a planned photography post. ;)