Designer Spotlight: Miles & Louis

Now that Fall is in full is the fashion. One of my favorite women's trends is...menswear. Yes. I think women can look so sophisticated in button up collared shirts, men's watches, a good fitting blazer and...the perfect oxford loafers.  

Like...the GORGEOUS oxfords that come from the shop Miles and Louie

Miles and Louie graciously donated a pair of their beautiful oxfords to me for the fall fashion shoot...and while I SOOO wanted to shoot them on the same day as all of our other was raining. :( Not a full downpour, so we were able to pull it off...but honestly...we wanted to protect these shoes! They are luxe with a capital L. I remember the moment that I first opened the box after it had come in the mail. The first thing that came over me was the smell of brand new leather. Second thing...the quality. There was not an ounce of fake on these babies. 

So, we ended up saving these beauties for a cold, but not so rainy day. You can really wear them for so many things. Obviously...they are perfect for the working woman, but they are something that you could wear running would just have to be aware that people just might be staring at your feet all day. :)

And now...I am currently drooling over these new beauties in the Miles and Louie shop. *SIGH* Might I recommend you put these on your wishlist for the Holidays? I know I'm going to. ;) 

Side Note! When ordering for women... Ali usually wears a 7.5 and the size 7 fit her well! Might even work if you're a size 8!