Model Interview: AMARA

Amara. I've actually known Amara for quite some time. We went to elementary school together. :) She has always been such a fun person to be around! Since childhood I've gotten to meet and photograph her insanely adorable identical twin girls too. As I assumed she would be, Amara was tons of fun to have on set...even shocking all of us with a little secret she had been keeping. ;) Let's get to know her a bit. 

-Age:  28

-Tell me a little bit about your family: I'm married to the most kind hearted, genuine, honest man I know. He’s my age and is a CPA. I mural paint and do henna tattooing beside from being mom of two adorable twin girls that just turned 4!

-What is the best compliment you've ever received? I don’t know how true it is, :P but a good friend who’s older than me, once told me that I’m wiser than my age.

-Your look is so exotic! :) What nationality are you? Thank you, I’m full-blooded Palestinian Arab

-What are your thoughts about the photographer? I just have to ask ;) Elise is amazing!! She knows how to capture beautiful moments and is great at understanding her models, whether they be children or adults. I love her trademark lighting in all her photos and her sense of balance and contrast!

-What is your must have beauty product? Aquaphor…I apply it every night to my face. Heals and restores overnight! I love it!

-We all learned a little secret about you on you mind sharing? I’m pregnant!!! I was so jumpy at the shoot..being in the middle of the woods and amongst eerie ruins really got my senses heightened and I just had to blurt it out a little earlier than planned! lol

-Any tips on being a momma of twins and still finding time to try and look put together? Preparation is KEY in my life. I try to have everything prepared ahead of time and it makes everybody’s life  a whole lot easier and smoother…Every day is a whole new adventure and patience has also been key when raising twins. Time will pass nonetheless, so I try not to waste it stressing or worrying...I just try to go with the flow and accept moments and live life gratefully.

-What is your favorite trend for fall or winter? This winter I've really been into hats and headwear more than ever…turbans, vintage beanies, headchains, hairbands.

-What is the biggest life lesson you've learned so far? To always hold true to who are and where you come from, and to never let anything get in the way of what you really love.

-What items are on your nightstand? I have about 20 books stacked up…from Charles Bukowski to  Kenneth Patchen, Khalil Gibran, Henry Longfellow, Baudelaire..the list goes interesting mix…I love to read about art, poetry, religion, anything super existential…Also my trusty aquaphor, hand lotion, prayer book, some art pieces made by my twinnies, my sketchbook and pencils.

-If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would it be and why? My father...I would love to live life through his eyes… his humility emanates through his constant serving and giving to others. He has a huge heart..i only wish to live up to the great person he is. 

-Describe your perfect day from start to finish: Nothing interesting…just literally lounging around with my husband and kids……all day :)  With no plans or obligations, just living and bonding and spending moments together.

-What do you think is the best quality a woman can have? Humility..I think it’s the best quality any single person can have.