What Do Your Shoes Say?

This somewhat strange topic came to my head today. Shoes. 

Most of you know that while being a photographer I'm a full time mom! It can definitely be stressful juggling everything AND trying to find time to spend with my husband. But today as I was walking around the house, doing some laundry, cleaning up after breakfast, chasing around our 2 year old...I started wondering...why am I wearing these shoes?  

Then I got to thinking...our shoes tell so much about a person.  

For example, this is me today. Why am I wearing these? 1: They're flat 2: Super comfortable 3: Easy to slip on (I don't even have to bend over!) 4: They go with everything.

All of this because all day today I get to just be mom! Yes, I am obviously doing some work in my office (while the kiddos sleep) but all the while I get to be mom. Running errands, doing laundry, driving kids to and from school/activities, playing with them and chasing after them. 

Now, let's peek into my closet. 


Boots. I feel like I can never have enough boots. I use these ones in particular lots! Many of you have probably seen me wear them to photo shoots. Many of the locations we choose aren't all flat and clean. Many of them can be quite dirty actually. So, I usually wear boots. I never want my choice of shoes to determine whether or not I go where the good shot is...if I was wearing cute flats...I may decide to play it safe.  

Now...I feel like I should at least mention the heels. I know some of you moms rock those stilettos like nobody's business...but almost every single pair of heels that I have are tucked away in the back of my closet collecting quite a bit of dust. Maybe it's just me? On the bright side, I refuse to get rid of them. :) Hoping that one day, when I'm not worried about breaking an ankle chasing after little ones, I will wear them again. 

So, what do your shoes say about you?