Getting Ready For Fall!

Since this Summer has been WAY too cold for my liking I have been in the Fall mood for weeks now. I feel like we completely skipped over those Summer days of sleeping with the windows open (we don't have AC!), swimming at the river, late night BBQ's, shorts and tank tops...I could go on and on. Because all of these things have been missing from my life because of this crazy weather I have been thinking about Fall Mini Sessions like they're days away. 

Clients are always asking what to wear to photo shoots and so I thought I would be prepared this time for everyone to read ahead of time. Go me. :) So, I always love at least a little pop of color. Whether it's fun shoes, statement jewelry or a funky tie, color makes a photo come alive. Oddly enough, even bright colors turned to black and white photos add depth and interest. 

I know that getting professional photos taken is not in everyone's budget. And on top of that, buying all new clothes can be too much! So, here's some tips on how to dress and prepare for your photo shoot without spending all the dough!

1. Start with the basics. Head to your closet and grab one item you love and you feel great in! Maybe it's shoes, the perfect fitting pair of jeans, a fun top...take that one thing and go with it. Coordinate around that one item that you know you're going to look great in and feel great in. If you're a mama and your picking out clothes for your whole family, it's okay to start with yourself. :) 

2. Group photos do NOT need to match! Let's check out the color wheel. I would recommend a family stay within #1-8 or #9-17 or #18 all the way to #36. Or even with the colors directly across from each other on the wheel for an awesome contrast. And then you have all your neutrals you can throw in there! Your browns, khakis, whites, denim, grays and black. But of course...don't be afraid to totally mix it up. 


3. Get creative! I think one of the best ways to save money is to be creative. For example...I have had a small obsession with flower crowns for a while now. And you may remember a recent shoot I did with lovely Rowyn. Piercing blue eyes contrasting with an orange flower crown. I LOVED it. (Still do!) And it made me wonder why I don't have one! Not that I would wear one regularly, but to have as a prop! So, in my Fall mood we made a quick trip to the dollar store, bought some Autumn colored fake flowers and I was determined to have it done and use it in photos the same day. While one of my littles was napping, my larger little and I sat on our porch and whipped ourselves up a simple flower crown. I was out of hot glue sticks (which would have made it MUCH easier) so I hand sewed the flowers onto a piece of felt. Then sewed the felt to an elastic headband we had around. It fit myself and my daughter quite comfortably. I quickly grabbed some neutral colors from her closet and bam! She was ready. A few quick snaps in our front yard and we were done! All before Mr. little was awake from his nap. No new clothes, $3 worth of flowers, some time...and presto...awesome photo shoot accessory. 


4. This is probably my biggest advice...for any photo shoot, any season. GET COMFORTABLE! And I don't mean wear sweatpants! Relax. Enjoy yourself. Laugh. Play around. I'm a fun person! :) Really. I love when my clients joke around with me and have fun. In my opinion, that is the #1 way to get a great photo. And don't worry about feeling awkward or nervous. The time is YOURS! Act like that inner model in you is finally getting a chance to shine. 


So, here's to Fall, here's to being colorful and creative, and here's to YOU! ;)