Model Interview: ALLEGRA



I had never met Allegra before this fall photo shoot. She submitted her email with all of her details and a few photos to see if I would be interested in using her for the shoot. My first thought was "Wow...she looks like fun!" 

Her vibrant red hair had me at "hello." ;) 

And...guess what...I was right. 

She was super fun and I'm so glad she was a part of this!

Let's get to know her a little. 


AGE: 18 years young


Occupation: Fairytale Princess at Amazing Fairytale Parties


Tell me a little about yourself: Im a theater geek at SSU. Who loves mexican food and makeup. I hate essays. Thats about it.


Ideal man: I love funny guys with sweet kisses. Exclusively, from my boyfriend Tyler Box. (Prince Charming) ;) 


Describe your personal style: Thrifty and Vintage, baby! Keep it old school!


What are your thoughts about fashion: This trend going on with camo needs to stop. Other then that... nice job people! Valentino and Chanel will always have my heart.




Favorite Place: Armstrong Woods and Disneyland (I refuse to grow up!)


Favorite person: Jean Luc Picard and Frodo Baggins


Musical preference: The golden oldies


Thoughts about your photographer: Adorable and Sweet! Ready to make the shoot work no matter how crazy things get.


   (this was one of my favorites from the whole day!)

 (this was one of my favorites from the whole day!)


How do you feel about fall: I ADORE autumn! Perfect cuddle weather. I love being bundled up with warm drinks and beautiful colors.


Hobbies: Watching Disney movies, collecting makeup/clothing, acting, singing, dancing, hanging out with my cat, and being joyful