>>> FALL FASHION <<< featuring Target & Forever 21

This look comes from probably the two most-shopped stores on the planet. Target & Forever 21. I mean, the reasons are pretty obvious. Target: has everything, usually not expensive, actually has really good style in almost every department from home items to clothing...AND biggest plus?! You rarely have encounters with the breed of people that shop at Walmart. **Insert emoji of monkey covering his mouth** Sorry. I said it. I just prefer to shop where people are fully clothed and have most of their teeth, and don't make comments about your toosh (I'm using nicer words here) in the checkout line. Bleh.

 DISCLAIMER!! If you are one of my clients...trust me...you do NOT fall into this breed. ;) I love you all!

And Forever 21. Good Ol' Forever 21...where many, many of us shoppers are 30 and over. Reasons why this store is a gold mine: It's basically impossible NOT to find something. And you can seriously buy like 10 things for under $100.

Umm...time to get to the look. :)

Ana is wearing this SUPER comfy dress from Target. Cost: $23.00. This dress feels like a feather and somehow managed to look awesome on 3 totally different body types. And this olive green color will look so good against that leftover tan from summer.

Now to this necklace. Of course we went to Forever 21 for accessories, because duh...everything is so cheap! Looking through the sea of jewelry...my thought was basically "the bigger the better." We (my assistant Rachelle and I) found this in like the first 2 seconds. It worked with pretty much every outfit we had and was bold without looking crazy. Only downside...it weighs like 10 pounds. BUT! It adds so much to this simple dress.

It's time to get back to Ana for a minute here. One of our models for the shoot. She was gorgeous...and drumroll please...13. Yes. THIRTEEN. If I even inserted a photo of myself at 13 you guys would probably just cry for me. Not joking. I mean not too much has changed except for being 20 pounds lighter, straighter teeth and no uni-brow...most days. ;)

After the shoot, Ana said "Is it horrible if all I want to do is just go home and take off all this makeup?!" We were all like "NO!" She was such a beauty without it.

Of course, again I need to thank April from The Naked Brush Artistry for makeup and Ali Pederson for hair. Geniuses these two.

Ok guys...thanks for reading and HAPPY FALL!!


>>> XO, Elise <<<