>>> FALL FASHION <<< featuring Lauren Conrad Runway & Mack Floral

When I was putting together all sorts of looks for this shoot...I always try to find something a little different. Wearable but unique. This dress from Lauren Conrad Runway fits that perfectly. Ana is wearing it with a simple cami underneath and a pair of light pink Lauren Conrad scalloped shorts. 

As the look came together...it dawned on me. This would be the PERFECT bridesmaids outfit! And instead of bouquets...flower crowns (which of course you should have done by Natalie of Mack Florals). I see TONS of bridesmaids dresses. Of course I have some that are my personal favorites. But what I rarely see is originality. I mean, I get it. Many times you have to try and fit all different shapes and heights. But can't you just imagine your group of girls just strutting down the center isle with the front of the dress flowing open? I can just imagine how awesome those photos would be!

Ana's beautiful makeup is done by April from The Naked Brush Artistry. She accomplished that perfect look of neutrals. Edgy enough for our shoot and soft enough for this beautiful look.

Okay guys...tell me what you think of this look! And if you want to contribute to my next seasonal fashion shoot send me an email! ;)

>>> XO, Elise <<<