>>> FALL FASHION <<< featuring Mack Floral

Hello and Happy Veterans Day!! Let me start this off by saying I am so thankful and grateful for all of them! Sitting here at my desk, in my warm home with my kids running around just makes me think of the wild comparison between jobs. My biggest worry when doing a wedding is missing a beautiful shot. Sometimes their biggest worry is actually being shot and not returning home to their friends and family.

To all of you who have served our country, and to all the spouses who have had to go it alone...worrying if your loved one would be coming home...THANK YOU! Sincerely...THANK YOU!

Now, starting to think about what to write here about this fall look seems so trivial. Well, it is, but I'll write anyway.

When Natalie (www.MackFloral.com) brought over the flower crowns...she said she threw together this bouquet and we could use it or not...but really...it was too beautiful not to use. Bouquets are generally associated with weddings and bridesmaids, but I don't care! We made it work with this fringy boho look.

Speaking of fringy. This top. This is horrible...but I totally forget who the designer is! Akk! I know. Totally bad on my part. It's like 1984Kelley...or something weird like that. Oops. Reason being that the models were allowed to take an item home after the shoot and Ana (other gorgeous model) chose this one and I didn't even think to check it. Oh well.

It's a gorgeous top. The fringe, the weaving, the color. And with Malia's hair and skin color it just looked amazing on her.

So! A couple things! First...I actually decided to do some black and whites! :)  The colors are so good...but then again, so is no color. And if you know me at all...you know I'm a sucker for anything Black, White, or Gray. (No joke...basically my whole house is neutral)

Second thing! For some reason I shot ALL of these vertically! Super weird of me to do.

And third...you may notice that Malia's bottom half (the shorts and boots) are the exact same as the last blog post. Welllllll....that's because we were losing light crazy fast and had to just do some super fast changes.

And again...can't forget about that gorgeous Forever 21 necklace. It totally makes the look go from good to great.

Ok guys...HAPPY FALL and go thank a veteran today!!

>>> XO, Elise <<<