>>> FALL FASHION <<< featuring Forever 21

As I sit down to write this post, I can officially say IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE FALL! I'm sitting at my desk in my cozy sweater, boots, heater blaring and hot coffee. {and my cute pup at my feet}

So...keep in mind with these fall fashion looks that, well...you might want to wear pants. ;)

Malia's look is basically all from Forever 21. This sweater is so awesome. You get the feel of being wrapped in a blanket, but it's so cute and totally flattering. The sleeves are fitted so it doesn't look like you're wearing a poncho and it still shows your shape!

We paired it with cut offs {now's the time to change that to pants} and a lacy top. And of course boots. Also, throwing on that floppy hat can keep your head warm with style.

Ok...so...a little story. Hopefully you don't think it's gross. :)

While we were out shooting...Malia ran in to change and I was just chatting with April (makeup) and Ali (hair). I noticed this butterfly just sitting out in the field close to where we had been walking around. I thought it was weird that it hadn't flown away.

I have a weird issue with things flying at me...birds, moths, and even beautiful butterflies. So I tried to just blow on it to see if it would move. It didn't. April was super brave and just grabbed it with no hesitation. It was dead. Yep...we were playing with dead insects...but it was so beautiful and in perfect condition. So we had to use it in the shoot. I mean...it totally went with the look. :)

Of course I need to mention our lovely makeup artist April (the naked brush artistry) and Ali Pederson (our awesome hair stylist).


>>> XO, Elise <<<