life is anything but what i expected it to be. 
the joys and the loss, intertwined.

from all of these experiences, we are usually left with this...the memories, the lessons, and the photographs.

these are a few of my favorite things:

My curly haired kiddos

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DIY projects: updating my home from the 70's 


my faith

Hi friends! 
thank you for being here. really.
i started this business 18 years ago as a simple dream when photography was not cool, and it really wasn't profitable. 
but it was, and still is, my deepest passion.
I have no doubt, that i am doing what I was meant to do.

i deeply care about people. and i hope that is always felt.

i do believe that my work is a mix of beautiful photographs and important memories and emotions. As you look back on those moments that i was a part of, i always want to make sure that my part of the experience brings a smile to your face. 

a note from me:

my why

these two. 
my role as a mom has truly been my favorite role in this life. and i believe it always will be.

i have been raising these two for the last 6 years on my own...and while it has had its difficulties, they are my absolute pride and joy. spending everyday with them never gets old.

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