Rachelle + Steven.

I remember the first time I met Rachelle. I was doing an in-home newborn shoot for her sister and she had come to help. I remember her wild blonde hair, bright blue eyes, tan skin and very sweet nature. It was later that week that she called me and asked if we could meet for coffee because she wanted to talk about photography. We sat outside at Taylor Maid and it was seriously a match made in heaven. I strongly believe that God brought her into my life. At the time (about 3 1/2 years ago) I had just “let go” my previous second shooter for major flakiness and Rachelle came into my life just weeks later. Soon after that she started coming to (almost) every wedding with me. It’s hard to keep track…but she has been a part of roughly 60+ weddings with me.



Over the years we have shared SO much laughter and many hard times in life as well. Her support and encouragement of me and my drive for this career has been priceless.

Rachelle and her husband Steven are two of the most wonderful people. Steven is much like her in his encouragement and support. And I appreciate them both so much…and especially for embracing me and all of my crazy antics. I mean…life should be fun right? 🙂

I had been wanting to do a photoshoot with these two for quite some time. I mean…look at them! They’re gorgeous! But I also wanted to do it as a gift for the two of them as a thank you for all that they’ve done for me over these past years.

I bought the perfect dress that I knew Rachelle would love, fun jewelry and made the most gigantic bouquet and little hair piece. I don’t know how you florists do it? I went to 5 different places to get flowers and spent ($$$$$)…it probably took me like a full 10 hours to put the bouquet together because I kept changing it over and over again. (All you florists…I appreciate you EVEN more now!!) Finally, I was happy with the end result and added some lace and ribbon so it could blow a little in the wind.


We hiked up what is known as “heart attack hill” in Petaluma, and well…I didn’t do so good. I am dealing with the early stages of diabetes and I had been rushing to get out of my house and didn’t eat dinner. BIG mistake. My blood sugar plummeted and for the first time ever I was ready to puke and/or pass out at a photo shoot. I was (no joke)…keeled over head between my legs for a good 15 minutes. If you know me, you know I HATE throwing up. And I hate when other people throw up. I just can’t handle it. Rachelle asked if I had anything in my bag I could eat (duh…why didn’t I think of that? Maybe cause I was squatting by a bush ready to barf!?). I keep little packs of gummy bears in my camera bag to bribe my little clients…so I ate a pack, and within minutes I was back to normal and ready to go. (Stupid blood sugar) I am SO thankful it happened with them and not clients I was meeting for the first time…cause I would have died of embarrassment.



We took photos on the top of the hill until we only had a little bit of light left.

Looking through these images…I know these will be some of my favorites for a very very LONG time.

Rachelle + Steven…you guys are truly amazing and I am SO SO grateful to have you in my life.







Rachelle + Steven’s Hilltop Anniversary Session

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